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Currently we are updating the Deer Lake School website. be back later. going to be working on this today.



Weird Hair-do Day and Pajama Day

Tuesday, March 6,2007

Today, the school had a Weird Hair-do Day and Pajama Day. Students and Staff came to work what they wear after they go to sleep, I guess. So staff if you go to sleep in your tighty whities, don't come to work...jk.. Pictures of students and staff are in the photogallery........

Student Awards

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Awards were given out to the students of Deer Lake School by Our Principal Kevin Pittman to the Top Overall Student and Most Improved Student for the month of February


K4 Kasha Rae Dallas Meekis
K5 Mingquin Mamakeesic Tyler Meekis
1 Courtney Crowe Joshua Meekis
2 Carmen Rae Kurtyce Meekis
3 Krista Meekis Donald Meekis
4 Graham Meekis Nathan Sawanas
5 Kasenda Meekis Tristan Crowe
6 Lyndon Rae Joycena Strang
7 Natasha Quill Arianna Mamakeesic
8 Rhondena Meekis Justin Crowe

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