"Together We Work, Together We Learn"

Deer Lake Community Clean-up

Deer Lake School took part in the community clean-up that was held on Tuesday May 15, 2007. The school had the areas to clean from George's drive way all to the bottom of the Bell Canada Tower. Each class had a designated area to clean up. When all the students were done cleaning their assigned areas, they were to go to the intersection where they held a barbeque and bannock dogs for the students. Unfortunately, the rain started pouring down that had to take the kids back to the school.

Floor Hockey League Awards

Floor Hockey Awards were given out to the students from James Jefferies on Wednesday May 9, 2007 for finishing up the League. A trophy was awarded to the Championship finalists at the end of the assembly. Each member of a team was picked from the line to form an All-Star Team to go against the Staff. with all the boos the staff got from the students, we held up and won with an 8 - 6 victory!!

Weiner Roast

The Grade 3 and K5 held a picnic behind the school on the shoreline of the lake during school hours. Students also had fun running around all over the place away from their teacher. Pictures of the picnic are in the photogallery

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